Why Workplace Well-being Should Be a Priority for All Businesses

Written by EO Executives on Oct 10, 2018


Today is World Mental Health Day, and at EO Executives we wanted to share why employee wellness should be a key priority for all organisations.

If you want to establish a positive workplace culture, with high productivity, it should be a top priority to ensure your employees welfare is put first.

With healthy employees proving to happier and more productive, workplace wellness initiatives are becoming more popular in both SME and Large / Corporate organisations across the UK.

After all, there will be no business that does not depend on its workforce being healthy and fit for work. Employee engagement should be important for all teams and showing your employees that they both valued and cared for will naturally lead to productive staff, who equally care about the business.

Employee wellness is also vital when it comes to attracting and retaining employees-it is what gives a business its reputation in the market. Remember, people are the most valuable asset to any company. So, it is important they know their employer is committed to their wellbeing.

It is important to get it right.

When an employee feels positive towards their job, this will naturally contribute to a positive mindset. In a recent article by forces, a study by Gallup found that 62% of engaged employees feel their work positively impacts them mentally and physically. However, when it comes to disengaged employees, this number drops to 39% and a mere 22% among actively disengaged employees. Out of these self-assessed disengaged employees, 54% say their work life has a negative effect on their health, while 51% see a negative effect on their well-being. — https://bit.ly/2RxmJDv

Engaged employees will not only be more productive but also more committed and involved in the organisation. Failing to engaging employees will result in a workforce who are just “going through the motions” to get the job done. Therefore, as a business if you cannot provide your employees with the necessary wellness resources, you cannot expect them to give 100% back.

What exactly is workplace wellbeing?

Workplace wellbeing is linked to any aspect of working life. It is the quality of the working environment, safety in the workplace and also how an employee feels when they come to work.

With Nordic countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland currently leading the way in employee satisfaction, research shows that employees in these countries tend to stay with the same employer, rather than looking for new job prospects.

So, what are these countries offering that we can take some inspiration from?

  • A better workalike balance
  • Regular breaks
  • Flexible, family friendly working environment “Studies have shown that a flexible, family friendly workplace can motivate staff, reduce staff turnover, help attract new staff, reduce workplace stress, and generally enhance worker satisfaction and productivity,” writes Anu Partanen in The Nordic Theory of Everything
  • Fairer Management - following the idea that everyone should encourage individuals to be seen as equal.
  • Health programs - such as vitality, bupa, cycle to work or even an office fruit bowl. 

What does your business currently do to promote wellness?

There is no one size fits all approach to workplace wellbeing and each organisation is different. Nonetheless, there are several ways your organisation can implement a wellbeing programme and in turn create stronger relationships, positive attitudes, decreased stress, great team morale and overall a good workplace culture.

A healthier workplace results in a great culture and everyone benefits.

What next?

Find out how to hire and hold onto your employees by downloading our eBook. 

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